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Mirror with interactive touch screen

Mirror with interactive touch screen

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Fitness workout smart mirror is not only a mirror, it is your personal fitness trainer. With a 43 inch capacitive touch screen, 1080P vertical display with HD camera (or motion sensor camera), which comes with speaker and microphone built-in. Fitness apps (customized) can be installed to guide those bodybuilders or correct the users to standard action when doing exercise. Health data can be also be monitored. Except in the fitness club, more and more families own this kind of mirror in their living room to be smart fitness trainers. +Android/Windows + With 43 inch touch screen with 10 points touch. +1080P vertical display+ HD camera (or motion sensor camera)+ Speaker, microphone +Wifi +Wall-mounted/floor-standing +Customer Apk can be installed and running. +Google Play stores have complied. The interactive touch screen mirror is a must-have for those looking to improve their fitness routine. With a 43 inch capacitive touch screen, 1080P vertical display, and HD camera or motion sensor camera, this mirror provides high-quality visuals for exercises. Plus, with a built-in speaker and microphone, users can easily follow along with fitness apps (customized for their needs) or correct their form for maximum effectiveness. It's a perfect addition to home gyms or living rooms for a personalized fitness experience.
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