The History of the Company

 From humble beginnings to the present day...


With an extensive history spanning numerous years in the realms of design, production, and software development, we can confidently assure you that we possess the expertise to adeptly address your specific requirements. Our wide-ranging solutions encompass:

1. **Info Kiosk Terminals**: These multifaceted multimedia devices cater to public needs, offering internet access, ticket sales, VoIP services, and banking functionalities, among others.

2. **Info Kiosk Totemi**: Our outdoor multimedia devices grant public access to the internet, providing a seamless connection experience even in open-air settings.

3. **Dodirnik Gaming Table**: An indoor gaming delight for up to four individuals, featuring a touchscreen interface, mobile phone charging capability, and an Android gaming platform.

4. **Tablet Kiosk - Mini Internet Corner**: Modern, locked plexiglass cases containing tablets and specialized software for public internet access. This solution offers security by preventing settings modifications, supports advertising in screen saver mode, and allows you to define usage time.

5. **Software for Info Kiosk and Mini Internet Corner**: A suite of software options including product advertising, prize games, local information services, e-menus for restaurants, health product recommendations, and more.

6. **Custom Programming**: Our devices are adaptable to various installation scenarios through tailored programming.

7. **Kiosk Construction**: Our kiosk structures are characterized by contemporary design, robust steel plates, intrusion lock systems, weather-resistant coatings, sealing for protection against environmental elements, and anti-vandal components, making them suitable for outdoor use.

Beyond our cutting-edge hardware and software offerings, we provide a wealth of experience and innovative technology. Expect modern design aesthetics, user-friendly interfaces, hassle-free installation and maintenance, resistance to vandalism, and unwavering reliability in the operation of both our devices and software. Your satisfaction and success are our foremost priorities, and our extensive background underscores our commitment to delivering excellence in every solution we offer.

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