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Dodirnik Poster 43 - Portable Indoor/Outdoor Panel

Dodirnik Poster 43 - Portable Indoor/Outdoor Panel

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Portable, battery powered high brightness promotional panel. Provides a wide range of informational and promotional functionalities. System: Android Screen: 43 Inch Resolution: 1920*1080 Brightness: 1500cd/m2 Battery: 40Ah Memory: 32GB Waterproof level: IP65 Color: White shell Take your promotions anywhere with our Dodirnik Poster 43. Boasting a high brightness display of 1500cd/m2, this battery powered panel will capture attention even in well-lit spaces. Plus, with its waterproof IP65 rating and durable white shell, your promotional messages will stand the test of time.


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Indoor Floor Standing Kiosks and Advertising Displays


Mobility of installation, resistance to weather conditions and long battery life




43”Screen Size, white and black color


Standing Kiosk with wheels is our flagship freestanding display solution for indoor and outdoor environments, built to run 24/7 and withstand all wet weather conditions. With non-touch
or multi-touch capability the kiosk is perfect for passive digital signage or touch
applications such as interactive information points, directories and more



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